American Gun Show
2nd to 24th August (not the 12th and 18th)
Gryphon Venues
£7 – £9
 American gun show
    The American gun laws are somewhat archaic. Or at least that seems to be the prevailing opinion of the audience and is certainly the opinion of the playwright. To say the least. The play is largely centred around the desperate need not only for reform of the American gun laws but for a complete abolishment of guns full stop. A worthy topic in these troubled times and one handled with discretion and sincerity by this play. The idea that didn’t sit so easily with me at first however was the notion that this was a play performed as though it were a stand-up routine. The two did not seem to altogether make great bedfellows. There was audience interaction and the first part of the play veered off on a number of subjects with a number of appropriate gags, but the illusion was never quite complete and I was never wholly convinced that this was an actor and not a stand-up comedian. He just never seemed relaxed enough in the role. This was also not aided by the fact that we were told right from the outset that he was an actor which may have detracted from some of the potential impact later in the play.
    Never the less there were some genuinely powerful moments which we were told by the performer not to give away. And so I won’t. Hence I urge any possible gun nuts to see this show and maybe get their arms twisted a little in the opposite direction. For the rest of us, however, it was kind of like preaching to the converted. Being as Britain is generally a gun free zone. Personally I remained with my opinion unchained and not a great deal of extra ammunition to reinforce my current one. I don’t know whether they have toured this play around America yet but I believe it will be there that it would pack the most punch. Particularly in the southern states. A little overly sincere and with a bit of an identity crisis the American Gun Show is never the less a good opportunity to cement your liberal, anti-gun, faggot, hippie, commie agenda further. And that can’t be a bad thing. THREE STARS
Review by Steven Vickers

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