Northanger Abbey
Gryphon Venues
12th to 24th August
Noel Byrne and Antonia Christophers star in this original adaptation of one of Jane Austen’s earlier works “Northanger Abbey” which takes a gothic romance and uses puppetry and acting to tell the story.
As a bit of a cynic I didn’t initially warm to this despite the skilled use of puppetry and successful switching between characters. However I think that is because I don’t think this is one of Jane Austen’s best works. The idea of a more gothic side to Austen’s literature was lost save for one or two scenes, with the emphasis kept on romance; I would have liked more sinister puppets! However despite the low budget sound, lack of expensive lighting and costume usually seen in a jane Austen film, the actors beautifully conveyed the important elements of the plot and I couldn’t help but be endeared to it.
Definitely not one for the super cool but a good shout if you are a shy English Lierature fan or perhaps one to bring an eternal romantic or shy teenager too. Would like to see these actors tackle another classic with some more grit and some more bad-ass. THREE STARS
Reviewer – Antionette Thirgood

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