In the Kingdom of the Blind

Venue 13

Aug 3-11, 13-24






With a focus on theatre, physical theatre and contemporary dance, established in 1996, Venue 13 was a first visit for me this year.  I stepped off the bustling Royal Mile into the quaint but very well run venue to check out this new play. “In the Kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king” – (Desiderius Erasmus), or, to put it another way, someone of limited ability is at a great advantage in the company of those less able. Setting out on a voyage into the wilderness, the three characters leave the trappings of modern society behind them and using what survival skills they have between them, the story develops into a test of emotional endurance.

Kit Spink, Charlie Howitt and Brian McMahon who star as Nik, Krissy and Davis also wrote this new play.  They have manifested strong individual characters into the play and it’s interesting to see where their story is going to lead.  They certainly have great ability at performing and writing, with all six eyes wide open! This is Reverend Productions, an Oxfordshire theatre company’s 10th production and has been nominated for the NSDF – emerging artists award this year.  I wish them the very best of luck. THREE STARS


Reviewer – Christine Morgan


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