Track 3

Bedlam Theatre


Aug 4-24





Track3  sees last year’s well reviewed collaboration between the Theatre Movement Bazaar and Greenwich Theatre,  return with a  fantastic interpretation of one of Chekhov’s plays, “Three Sisters.” The play looks at the lives of three sisters through their marriages, (or lack thereof), desire to flee back to Moscow, and their emotional journeys as they realise not everything will turn out as they had hoped for in their youth.


This was a highly professional and polished performance. The cast successfully bring you from shock to sadness and back to comedy again, before you even realise what they are up to. Delivered with hilarious abandon, there are even elements of barbershop and surrealist comedy thrown into the mix, with speedy set changes and excellent use of the stage to convey the drama and wit of Chekhov’s original work. The actors delight in both not taking themselves too seriously, (avoiding over-acting), and yet giving credit to every twist and turn of the plot with polished skill.


Excellent acting and delivery mean this play has the potential to appeal to all, even those who normally don’t enjoy theatre, as it delivers on every level. Entirely bonkers and definitely worth a look in. FIVE STARS



Reviewer – Antionette Thirgood


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