Underbelly, Cowgate

1-25 Aug


10-11 pounds

Hag by The Wrong Crowd at The Underbelly


The cavernous Underbelly is the perfect setting for this macabre tale of a girl and a child-eating hag called Baba Yaga: I only eat the ones who deserve to be eaten”.  The story has its roots in Slavic folklore but  theatre group The Wrong Crowd (www.wrongcrowdtheatre.co.uk) have skilfully brought it to the stage instilled with flair and wit.  The Wrong Crowd has a festival hit in 2011 with “The Girl with the Iron Claws” and on this evidence they may have another good year this year.

The theatre company was only formed that year by writer/director Hannah Mulder and designer/puppet director Rachel Canning.  The whole production from the acting, puppetry, lighting, set design and costume is top notch.  The story of a girl trying to find something that was given to her by her dying mother, along the way encountering and eventually defeating the previously undefeated Hag.  Accessible, polished production  and delivery.  The best play I have yet seen at this year’s Fringe.

four stars

Reviewer – David McMenemy





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