Space @ North Bridge

2-10 / 12-17 / 19-23 Aug

12.45 -£7-£10
Safe is a new play by Penny Jackson, developed & directed by Joan Kane & Ego Actus. The play begins with interactions between two American schoolgirls, fostering a connection between crowd & players. The girls come across a little unhinged, troubled with life’s curveballs, anorexia, family troubles & missing parents. Then comes an injection of grimy reality, an all too common an occurrence in todays living, when Nina falls unbeknown into the clutches of an unscrupulous older man & is unwittingly groomed. Paedophilia is not the most common of subjects of a play, but is tactfully tackled by the company, who effortlessly captures the devil-may-care spirit of youth, of jealousy, & of suspicio. FOUR STARS
 four stars
Reviewer – Cliff Perry

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