Venue 13

3-24 Aug

10.30 AM





Goose is an unusual piece of theater, which takes the form of a monalogue performed by a boy upon his 13th birthday. Using digital projections he unleashes the full force of a teenage mind opening itself to the wonders of the universe, while at the same time ruminating on life’s disappointments. The monologue was delivered with a sure & confident diction, & though recited with much maturity, the piece seemed more like a performance of science poetry, than theatre.

Then came the twist, & the arrival of the boy’s imaginary goose, pinned to the body of a ballet-dancing teenager. Now the backdrop becomes blue skies & white clouds & we are borne into the air with boy & goose on the same flight that helped the play win first prize at the Kennedy Center American Colleges Theater Festival. Goose is a unique & rewarding piece, & its early slot could provide a lovely foundation stone to a day at the fringe. THREE STARS.



Reviewer – Damo Bullen


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