Children of Mine
Venue 13
8-24 aug
Children of mine is an abstract play “ in the form of Contemporary Dance, Physical Theatre and inner monologues”. It recounts the 1966 disaster of aberfan in which 144 people mostly children died. A group of teenagers from south Wales perform the play which uses fictional characters to tell how a coal waste tip slid down a mountain and engulfed Pantglas Junior School and surrounding houses.
The production attracted some controversy and was called to be cancelled after survivors of the disaster raised objections , bernard thomas one of the survivors said “It does rankle rather a lot that there was no real consultation, the people weren’t really consulted, and nobody knows how the subject is being treated,” he said. “I think it should be cancelled myself, in light of the way things have happened. We get enough publicity, there are enough memories about the disaster as it is, without having it brought up in this way as well.”
I found the magnitude and complexity of the subject matter and emotions involved, were out of the range of the majority of performers involved, though a couple of strong performances are tucked away in there. Overall a very heavy involved subject that is probably best left to a more experienced company. THREE STARS
three stars
Reviewer – Luke Griffiths

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