All That Malarkey Presents…

All That Malarkey Presents…

Venue 13

3rd – 9th Aug
£8 (£6)
In a small and intimate venue nestled behind the Canongate in Edinburgh’s Old Town, in front of an audience of 30 or so, an auspicious group of graduates from the Royal welsh College of Music and Drama take to the stage to dazzle the expectant audience with jaw dropping talent. The fresh, dynamic and youthful theatrical quintet (David George Harrington, Amy Fuller, Frances Gregory, Colin Thomas Bryce & Eleias Roberts) seduce us all with a mesmerizing, operatic take on contemporary songs, providing an eclectic mash-up of operatic classics, theatre, pop, hip hop and R&B whilst still maintaining a vibe of being transported to a 1940s musical.
Their versatile range of talent and musical genres combined with their mouth watering vocals leave the audience breathless and grasping for more during this fresh, inspiring and original show.  The two girls are particularly striking in angelic radiance and stunning vocals. The operatic male singers are a sublime theatrical match in their red and black attire, and the quintet is perfectly completed with the boundless and entertaining energy of the pianist, who is reminiscent of some bizarre Jools Holland and Stephen Fry fusion.
Giving fresh, new takes on real-life fairy tales, operatic renditions of Beatles and Bill Withers’ classics, and throwing in some bizarre hip hop theatrical mashup, this talented bunch kept us perched on our seats, and intrigued with what would come next. This was an operatic pleasure-seeker’s paradise, packed with fun, frolics and sublime, mouthwatering vocals – a fruit cocktail for the ears, packed with a zesty punch! An as the last delicious lingering note exited the room, it left behind an infinitely hesitant silence before the crescendo of applause thundered forth our appreciation.  FOUR STARS
four stars
Reviewer – Teri Welsh

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