That is All You Need To Know


Zoo Southside



1-24 August




In reality, there were two institutions that won the Second World War for the Allies; the first being the Nuclear Programme at Los Alamos in the Arizonan desert, & the second a rag-tag bunch of eccentric geniuses gathered in an Oxfordshire mansion called Bletchley Park. Their purpose was to break & decipher the German code encrypted by the Enigma machine, which they did with stunning success, shortening the war & saving the lives of hundreds of thousands of soldiers.

In the hands of a youthful & burgeoning poroducation company known as Idle Motion, the tale of Bletchley is told across several time zones, all burnished with that Middle-England-ness that is perfect for the boards. With authentic forties costumes, charming patter, & a stagecraft o fWW2 footage projections, & authentic radio broadcasts, Idle Motion create an excellent illusion that sweeps the audience back those seven decades.

A most memorable scene was that when the two top boffins at Bletchley, after investigating the Enigma machine for the first time, worked out there were 200,000,000,000,000,000,000,  possibilities per letter, with the numbers being sketched onto a projected backdrop as a boffin mimed their writing, while by our heads the theater’s speakers emulated their blackboard-scratching.

The play’s hour & twenty ruffle past without noticing, & I left the theatre with a the warm feeling that comes from being both entertained & educated.

three stars

Reviewer – Damo Bullen






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