Venue 13

August 3rd – August 9th





With a great synopsis and a kind welcome from staff at the box office I was all set for a show I have been much looking forward to all week.

After a brilliantly awkward start, you could see that everything was going be taken all too seriously by the lead protagonist, and so was our introduction to Tracy.  Brought to the stage by students at Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama in collaboration with The Richard Burton Company, the show was simple and entertaining, with laugh out loud funny moments.

Set in Tesco supermarket management offices, the show is written from Tracy’s perspective, an employee with David Brent-esque pretentions and few social graces. Tracy’s smart quips against her colleagues provide a burst of humour, especially against Gina her eager to please no doubt long-suffering assistant.  The desperate power play between the characters is well produced, but a moment seeing Tracy taken to task by her superiors would have added some fun.

At 30 minutes its a short sharp laugh but a fine funny start to a sunny Sunday morning. The show has just a few days to run this week, so catch it now if you can.


Reviewer – Elinor Dickie

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