4-24 August




The press release describes Manic Chord as “raw and energetic” and the same document promotes the performance as ‘following the story of three scientists who set out to create a machine to extract thoughts’. The play certainly does what it says on the tin.

The Manic Chord guys numbered 3 and this trio of young men are indeed raw and energetic. The play oozed energy with cleverly choreographed stage movement coupled with impressive slapstick routines. I was wowed by the ‘hand with invisible glue’ routine where the chaps got stuck to each other and the mime was so persuasive that at one point I thought they were actually glued to each other. The chalk ‘juggling and writing’ routine was also executed perfectly and looked like something straight out a 1920s black and white comedy film. These boys are raw though, and whilst their exuberant youthful enthusiasm is commendable it is possibly not ideally suited to the subject matter of their play …which brings me on to the backdrop of ‘three scientists trapped in the world of the laboratory’

The play is set in a laboratory and the storyline is very hard to follow. I felt confused throughout but being a sucker for corny dialogue I did like some of the cheesy lines: “Can I request why this zest is best for our test ?” – “Yesst!” was the reply. Comedy Gold ! The Quantum Party section was interesting in showing the versatility of the performers and effective use of the stage space but only added to my sense of ‘what is this about and what is the play trying to say’. In my opinion the Manic Chord need something a bit more traditional and recognisable to showcase their talents. I can see these lads appearing in a slapstick driven sit-com sometime in the future.


A decent crowd for a small venue and the audience responded well to the ‘raw energy’ on show and the comedy routines went down a treat. At £6 a ticket, ‘After What Comes Before’ is good value. Definitely worth a look – but prepare to be confused !

three stars

Reviewer – Chris Donkin

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