The Bloody Ballad

Assembly Roxy
1-25 August


The very first theatrical review from The Mumble was a challenge from the onset, faced as I was with such an eclectic mixture of styles. In the end I settled on the following description;
Think Dolly Parton meets Johnny Cash gone all Rocky Horror beltin’ out country rock in Marlon Brando’s ‘Wild One!’
The production has been brought to Edinburgh by Gaggle-Babble, supported by Cardiff based Theatr Iolo, and is basking playfully in its innovative approach to musical theatre.  Monikered ‘GIG-THEATRE’ by its lead actress and writer, Lucy Rivers, she and her highly talented cast pull off her vision of, ‘Creating a show that fuses the energy you get at a live music gig with the emotional depth and storytelling of great theatre.’
The story is set in 1950s America a small town tale of badboy meets good girl and…. well…. lets just say things get very visceral indeed, with blood and guts and bits of bodies flying all across the stage. Of Lucy’s supporting cast two – Tom Cottle (drums) & Dan Messier (guitar) – are constantly painting a musical backdrop, whether banging out out the country rock or providing an avant grade soundtrack to the acting. Meanwhile, Oliver Wood and Hannah McPake surf gig-theatres scintillating merry-go-round as they float from bass to cello to singing and acting with a fluidity that is both riveting and fun.Definitely different, this is perfect for both those who like to explore the parameters of theatrical possibilities, and those who like a good yarn entertainingly told. FOUR STARS.
                                                                                                               four stars
Reviewer – Damo Bullen

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